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I'm new!

2010-04-07 11:45:44 by X-Dream

Hello y'all!

I'm new to NEWgrounds. :3
My brother pulled me into this, since I wanted to create music too.
More in the genre hardstyle, I loved that genre already since I was 13.

My first demo track, is still to be awaited.
It's a mix from Scope Dj - The Portal.... Hint hint! :]
So hang on!

Catch y'all later!



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2010-04-13 19:27:37 n/325347

Took some of your advice into consideration + extended it too, wanna toss me some more feedback? I really appreciated the original batch :)


2010-04-16 10:53:41

Waiting over a week now. Still not approved?
Somethings wrong? :P