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NexusProduce Remake Preview NexusProduce Remake Preview

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fuck'n Epic!

Haha gives me a rush to hear some hardstyle producers here!

Sweet compositions bro! Nice combination of presets with nexus, it's almost a full replica! No flaws bro, so epic!

We got to collab for sure!
Or atleast give me some good tips on where to get those hardstyle kick/bass samples?

Good effort, I'm really astonished!

5/5 9/10
Got to make it full, then you'll deserve my full 10/10 + fav'd artist!


Strings 01 - Angels Strings 01 - Angels

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Well set classical piece!
Simple use on the instrument, yet so strong!

I might need you to help me out! I'm currently bussy on a huge project, and I need a relaxing classical piece within my track. You might could help me out?

I'll inform you more about it later.
For now, you got fl studio? If so, we're totally done! I'll PM you after you replied to this review, or stick me with a PM if you're interested.

5/5 10/10



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NegativeNine responds:

I'm interested and the file is saved as an FL file. Thanks for the positivity and I'm interested in hearing your proposal :)

Pure Orchestra Pure Orchestra

Rated 5 / 5 stars


So natural sounding!
The flow of the whole track just sucks you in. Brilliant compositioning!
Choice of instruments were perfect! So calm yet raging, willing to set free.

I deffinately can see this in some sort of theather or cinema. It really brings deep emotions.

Somehow I miss some extraordinary things. It aint yet to be called perfect. The emphasis of the emptyness in this track needs to be richer. More variation? The violins could've used an bit more power combined with strings perhaps. I already liked the trumpet/brass that powers it up.

Make this piece longer, and maybe an tad more complicated as it is.
Can't really think of downsizes, this piece is really great!


> Leon

DJ Harlock// OutPhase(sync) DJ Harlock// OutPhase(sync)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Back for another word

First of all I must say, plendid use of filter effects!
I'm glad you took up my advice. Same as in the energetic melody.

Starts of real interesting. Makes listners want to hear what's going next. You invited them well. Pad is still the same as in the demo, I asked for another. Or layer it with a fuller less dramatic pad. Though it suits, but it needs to be unleashed.

Good transitioning. Beat sticks on the same pattern though.
The Beat itself could use some more variation. Try making breaks in for the effect. And fill those breaks with fatt bass.

Loved the new melody, though you used it perhaps yet to early. For my feeling it doesn't suits there. At 2:01 it certainly does! Made it real nice as it progresses!
The thing I mentioned you performed perfectly!

Those breaks with the beat, needs to be used earlier. Make diffrent patterns.
Variation is the key. Loved the reverse kicks in it too. Trumpet/pluck worked fine.

Envloped nicely, and filtered good. Kinda basic ending. Could use some more spice.

As far it goes for the mixing, you deffinately start doing that!
Makes the track more fuller and richer. It feels rather unclear sometimes.
It needs that little touch bro.

Good improved version of your demo.
Other than mixing it right. You're way to go!

Keep it up!
5/5 9/10


Cross666 responds:

Thanks again for the review and feedback, I really appreciate you giving some worthwhile points. When you get some music up on your page, shoot me a message, I'd be glad to give you some feedback and 5/5's

Jurassic Park Jurassic Park

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Haha real great attempt!

Loved Jurassic Park already when I was a kid.
Though I can't hear any familiar sounds. It must've been way too long since I've seen any old jurassic movies.

Though this is not really 8/64(polyphonic)-bit, i still like it. And in this style it's going awesome! Has some great uplifting parts with it.


5/5 10/10


JediQuestMaster responds:

Thank you. I wanted to do an arrangement, but I didn't want to veer to far from the original source.

By the way, what's with the low ratings? All the reviews are high.

Roses are red party mix Roses are red party mix

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Started of nice and all. But I am gonna tell you what's all wrong instead of the good things. :<

Mix this track!
Get your bass booster of your kicks, and EQ it!
Try Equalizing your leads too! I has some serious effect on your total mix!
Get reeverb, and delays on the bells. Claps might could use it as well.

Get open hats? Lmao.

Good luck!

4/5 7/10


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newrounds1 responds:

Ok thx i should try that one time :3 faaair score :D

[RM] - Hip hop beat 1 [RM] - Hip hop beat 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Well structured!
Whole base of this track is imaginated and composed perfectly!

I only miss a dirty/filthy feel to this! That fatt bass compensates that feeling just a lil.
The saw in the beginning could use another layer, that's more crispier. It's a bit to fluffy and lifting.

Beats perfect, slightly pump it an bit more please?

Great track!
Get someone to vocalize this track too, would be nice!

5/5 9/10


Randomizor responds:

Thanks. =D

SR - Smashin' SR - Smashin'

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice and clean!

Well performed drumming!
And the ambiance was chilling!

I'd only prefer the drums a little bit lower on volume, or replaced with another.
It's an bit harsh sometimes in the play.

I'm a real sucker for DNB.
So here's your 5 and 9!


SineRider responds:

I see what you mean. I'll have to tweak the drums up a bit

Thanks for the review bud :D