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Don't want to wait any longer!

2010-05-16 12:58:12 by X-Dream

Looking for collaberations in the genre's:


If you want to collaborate on one of my tracks please tell me, and we can start on working.
If you need an collaboration on one of your tracks, that's oké too! (Has to be suitable though)!

Main things you need in order to collaborate with me are:

Fl studio 9
All Vengeance samples
*Sylenth 1

* Means, not necessary in order to collab. It would just help a lot more!

Thanks in advance,


I'm new!

2010-04-07 11:45:44 by X-Dream

Hello y'all!

I'm new to NEWgrounds. :3
My brother pulled me into this, since I wanted to create music too.
More in the genre hardstyle, I loved that genre already since I was 13.

My first demo track, is still to be awaited.
It's a mix from Scope Dj - The Portal.... Hint hint! :]
So hang on!

Catch y'all later!